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5 iconic dishes to try while in USA

These delicious dishes are synonymous to being and living the American Way. Attempting to define traditional American food can be a tough ask. The USA is also known as The Melting Pot signifying the blend of multiple cultures and traditions thriving together to build a better world. As a beautiful by-product, America is blessed with a plethora of delicious recipes and dishes that have become an identity of the country in many ways.

Must-try American dishes:

If you are traveling in the USA with your friends, family, or even on your own, make sure that you try these dishes. You’ll find various food joints and restaurants that will serve you best of the American dishes. You may even hire a ride from 24h.com (car rental), and plan a Food-a-thon driving from place to place to taste the different delicacies the country has to offer.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 dishes that you must try while staying or traveling in America.

1 Apple Pie

This dessert has become so iconic over the years that there’s a saying which equates it to being American – “as American as apple pie.” Who would’ve thought that a simple combination of sugar, tart sliced apples, and a buttery pastry would produce a dish so majestic that it becomes a matter of national pride. Some people even dedicate their entire lives trying to achieve perfection with this recipe, and you’ll find many such souls running restaurants with sole intention of pleasing your taste-buds. If you are in New Mexico, get a car on 24h.com (car rental) and drive down to Pie city. Try the special apple pie sprinkled with green chilies at Pie-o-Neer that is run by Kathy Knapp, “the Pie Lady of Pie Town.”

2 The Hamburger


Every American has an opinion on hamburgers. It might seem like the hamburger is the national dish of the USA. It is part of every menu, from the streets on the West Coast, like ‘In-and-Out Burger,’ to the fine dining options in New York, like ‘The Spotted Pig.’ However, only New Haven from Connecticut is recognized as the pioneer of hamburgers by the Library of Congress.

3 Chicago-style Pizza

Chicago has made pizza its own and foodies all over the world can’t help but admire the creative genius of Chico-style pizzas. It looks and tastes different than any other pizza in the world. The pizza dish is deep giving it a higher crust and ample space to stuff in unbelievable amounts of cheese, sauce, and meat. It is also called the pie, which would actually be a spot-on description.

4 Texas Barbecue

The amount of dedication that Texans put in creating lip-smacking and soul-fulfilling barbecues is commendable. They are undisputed champions in tenderizing ribs and Mesquite meats. If you are in the beef state, just visit Dallas Farmers Market. Wait in the line until you get a spot at Pecan Lodge and enjoy their exquisite brisket.

5 Clam Chowder

You simply cannot pass by Boston without tasting the New England Clam chowder. This soup may look suspiciously ugly if you’ve never tried it before, given its clumpy texture. But you’ll be seduced by its fragrance alone and you’re bound to fall in love at first taste. The person who figured mixing shellfish with tender potatoes, heavy cream, salted pork, and lots of herbs, deserves a lifetime achievement award. Head to Atlantic Fish Co. and order yourself a bread bowl. It is served to you by the chefs after they carve out a boule bread and pour in the majestic chowder before covering it up with the bread again.

Closing thoughts:

If we have made your belly rumble and your mouth water, we are proud of the achievement. Food is the best storyteller of the people and the culture of the place where it is served. So never say no to the experience of tasting different iconic dishes from around the world. Simply hire a car from 24h.com (car rental) and go on the Food-a-thon that you deserve to enjoy.